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Posted over 2 years ago by Becky Ellis

Good NMSNA Members,
Please take a few moments to read Diabetes Management Bill.  There are many concerns regarding this bill.  There are two identical bills going forward related to Diabetes Management in the School, they are Senate Bill 148 and House Bill 287.  Below you will find some of the items that should be read.
1.      Senator Mimi Stewart put in SB 148 and Representative Dodge HB 287 regarding Diabetic Care in the School Setting.  I am attaching a copy of one of the bills – they are pretty much identical.  Attention should be drawn to:
a.       Section 3,  First paragraph, "The rules shall require each governing body to ensure that annual diabetes training programs are provided for all school nurses and diabetes care personnel. With this refer to, Section 2 D. " 'governing body' means:  1) the school board of a school district.
b.      "Each governing body shall ensure that the training established pursuant to Subsection A of this section is provided to a minimum of three school employees at each school attended by a student with diabetes.  If at any time fewer than three school employees are available to be trained at a school, the principal or other school administrator shall distribute to all staff members a written notice stating that the school is seeking volunteers to serve as diabetes care personnel.
c.       Section 3F,  Each governing body shall ensure . . . training is provided on an annual basis to all school personnel . . . and bus drivers . . .
d.      Section 3A,  list 8 items that must be provided in the training; while, Section 4 5A – list 6 specifics such as: 1) checking and recording students blood glucose and ketones and to assist as needed; 2) responds to blood glucose levels outside student’s target range; 3) administering glucagon and other emergency treatments; 4) administering insulin or assisting with; 5) providing oral diabetes medications; 6) following instructions regarding meals, snacks, and physical activities.
e.       Section 5B,  A school nurse or at least one diabetes care personnel member . . . where a student with diabetes is attending . . .  shall be available to provide care . . . during regular school hours and during all school sponsored activities, trips, extended offsite excursions and extracurricular activities and on busses where the driver is not a diabetes care personnel member.
f.        Section 7A, “A governing body shall not restrict a student who has diabetes from attending any school on the basis that the student has diabetes, that the school does not have a full-time school nurse or that the school does not have trained diabetes care personnel.
g.       Section 10 D, “Students with diabetes and their parents or guardians may bring administrative complaint with the public education department or a lawsuit for declaratory, injunctive or monetary relief, against any school or governing body that fails to meet its obligations to train school personnel to provide diabetes care as . . . “  “A student or parent or guardian who is a prevailing party in a lawsuit or administrative action brought under this section shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs.”
We are asking ALL school nurses to call their legislatures and let them know you are NOT in favor of the bill.  Cindy Greenberg sent me a copy of the Diabetes Task Force Manual that involved school nurses from around the state, DOH, Board of Nursing, and PED.  In New Mexico the needs of the student diagnoses with Diabetes are being addressed.
Please tell the legislatures:
·         The work of the multi-agency task force in formulating the Diabetes Task Force Manual demonstrates NM does a thorough job in addressing the needs of the students with diabetes through Individualized Health Plans, Individual Education Plans, and 504’s. 
·         School nurses currently train all staff that work with the students on a daily basis.
·         The NM Board of Nursing Rules allow school nurses to train and delegate the administration of emergency medication.
·         School districts have had their funding reduced substantially, 1) where are the funds to accompany this bill to pay for the training of all school nurses and school personnel ; 2) school nurses and staff to work afterschool (overtime) for after school activities such as sports, clubs, etc;  3) who is going to train the school personal to provide these services.
·         Please let them know you are NOT in favor of this bill.
The bill is moving rapidly through the committees without objection.  We need you to call these committee members as well as your legislatures ASAP.  We need all school nurses calling.  Please send this to all school nurses you know.
The Senate Bill 148 bill is going to the Senate Judiciary committee next, the members include:
·         Richard Martinez      505-986-4487
·         Joseph Cervantes      505-986-4861
·         Daniel Ivey-Soto        505-986-4270
·         Mark Moores             505-986-4856
·         Gregory Baca            505-986-4877
·         Jacob Candelaria      505-986-4380
·         Ron Griggs                505-986-4369
·         Linda Lopez              505-986-4737
·         Cisco McSorley          505-986-4389
·         Pete Wirth                  505-986-4727
·         William Payne           505-986-4703
The House Bill 287 is going to the House of Education Committee, the members include:
·         Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard   505-986-4846
·         Rep. Andreas Romero                   505-986-4433
·         Rep. Alanzo Baldonado                 505-986-4226
·         Rep. Jim Dines                                 505-986-4242
·         Rep.  Jimmie Hall                            505-986-4215
·         Rep.  Rick Little                              505-986-4220
·         Rep.  Dennis Roch                          505-986-4227
·         Rep.  Tomas Salazar                       505-986-4436
·         Rep. Debra Sarinana                     505-986-4464
·         Rep.  James Smith                           505-986-4233
·         Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapelton  505-986-4780
·         Rep. Christine Trujillo                   505-986-4249
·         Rep. Linda Trujillo                         505-986-4255
Judy, President NMSNA


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